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The best way to treat diabetes is: never get it.

Carbwatchers: A Health & Wellness Coaching Company

Is it possible that the Ketogenic Diet could help greatly for type 1 diabetics? The answer is a resounding yes!

What things should a doctor know when treating type 1 diabetic patients with a ketogenic diet? Are there any common problems? And what are the best practical tips and supporting science? Dr. Ian Lake is a general practitioner and a type 1 diabetic patient...

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Arginine does more than prevent heart attacks and strokes!

People suffering from major depressive disorder, MDD, have reduced arginine levels, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows. Arginine is an amino acid which the body uses to produce, e.g., nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, in turn, is a nervous...

Is this where we are?

One of the main things that cause Type 2 Diabetes is lack of physical exercise. Is this where we are at where robots do all the work and humans do nothing?

Hi, I’m Don Morgan

I’ve lost 70lbs and have kept it off for over 4 years. In 2010 my A1C was 12.4 today it’s 5.4, my blood glucose measured 477, and today it’s 94. In 2001, I suffered a heart attack, one artery was 100% blocked and two were 60%. The Cardiologist tried to place a stent in the totally blocked artery and couldn’t, and we decided to treat it with diet and medications. Best move ever! Today I am off all medications and no longer consider myself diabetic. How was I able to do this on my own, without the aid of modern medicine? I discovered the cause. It was too many carbohydrates and too little exercise. That’s when we launched “Carbwatchers”. Carbohydrates are an addiction and people need help to break this addiction. It is as bad an addiction as alcohol or drugs. I changed my lifestyle and started eating low carb and began exercising. Mother Nature always intended for us to exercise, and our bodies are not designed to consume the amount of carbs that we do. Our eating plan will not leave you hungry; remember we count carbs not calories. Millions of Americans are in the same situation as me. You don’t need to get diabetes, and if you have it, your life isn’t over. We can help. Contact us now for more information.

Donald Morgan now

Treat The Cause, Not the Symptoms

We count what matters: Carbohydrates instead of calories. We are dedicated to diabetes prevention and to improving the quality of life for people who have it already. We know the cause is too many carbohydrates and too little exercise. Type2 diabetes is 100% preventable, and only you can prevent it. The reward for doing so is tomorrow!


I am dictating this testimonial to Don Morgan, because I am an 85 year old male who isn’t computer literate. “I first met Mr. Morgan several months ago at the 24 hr Fitness Sport located in Jordan Landing in West Jordan, Utah. We started talking about health and he mentioned he had type 2 diabetes. We had something in common both my wife and I have it also. He mentioned he could help me and my wife feel better. I was a little skeptical at first but he persisted and he started helping us. He recommended a natural amino acid L-arginine with L-citruline. I did some research and thought it would be beneficial as it helps to lower blood pressure and dilates artery’s to increase blood flow. Mr.Morgan started me exercising and the thing I noticed right away was, I wasn’t getting dizzy during my workout. This always used to happen when I did any kind of physical activity. I’ve also noticed my balance has improved. I was using a cane mainly to steady myself while walking; however I don’t need the cane as often. Mr. Morgan had me eat lower carbohydrate foods. He asked me to pay attention and avoid foods that were high on the glycemic index. My blood sugar has come down from 300 to 114 this morning. If you are pre diabetic, overweight, obese or diabetic attend one of the Carbwatchersutah meetings.It will make a difference in your life and how you feel. Thank You!

“There are a lot of people that can benefit from what you are doing. I am down 40 lbs and so is my wife and son.”
-Dan Felker


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national diabetes prevention lifestyle coach
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